Workman Group Communications


Seven years ago, out of my second bedroom with a part-time assistant, I embarked upon crafting a new breed of PR – one based on building brands and advocating for today’s most creative innovators through proactive storytelling. We accomplished this through strategic use of media hits, thought leadership and content development, speaking opportunities, and cool, creative attractor events and experiences. Collectively this became our winning formula, and Workman Group grew into an amazing team made up of star publicists, marketers, writers and go-getters, with a real office and some incredible clients and partners.

Our commitment is to always stay inspired by our work. Sometimes that means challenging ourselves in new ways. So after fine-tuning our magic formula and working with some of the world’s most compelling cultural creators and organizations, including Grey Advertising, SoundHound Inc., Man Made Music, Lippincott, Northside Media Group, New Music Seminar, SESAC, Kite, XiveTV and CID Entertainment, Workman Group is back as a communication consulting service and B2B solution.

Looking forward to working with you!